About Us

about us

DeBortoli Design Inc. is an architecture and interior design firm dedicated to improving the quality of our built environment. Architecture and design play a major role in our world and in our daily lives. Often the significance of that role is overlooked, especially with smaller projects. DDI is committed to focusing our professional and creative energy on the many small pieces that make up the larger communities for the well being of their users, their neighbours and the environment. We provide a high level of personalized service throughout the entire design and construction process.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our Clients (who we actually treat more like collaborators). We have over twenty-five years of experience in architecture and the design arts. The broad range of experience and specialties that the firm brings has enabled our Clients to benefit from not only the traditional architectural contract but from more specialized value-added services such as site planning, feasibility studies, life safety studies, and building code reviews.

Who is DDI?

Our clients are many diverse individuals and organizations who are interested in partaking in a stimulating and creative process to improve their homes and facilities. They include homeowners, business owners, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and institutions. We place a strong priority on communication with our clients who really become partners in making their dreams come true. Our most successful projects are produced when the designer-client relationship is based on mutual respect and a spirit of open-minded collaboration.

The benefits that an architect brings to a project of any type will more than pay for their services both in your satisfaction with the outcome and in cost and time during construction.

DDI brings professionalism, experience, years of design education, an objective point of view, knowledge of construction methods and materials, and familiarity with municipal codes and permitting processes to the project. We may assist you with the numerous decisions to be made with any building projects such has giving advice and recommendations on building materials, including “green” products that will make your space more healthy and take less toll on our environment. We may specify materials and equipment that could amount to significant life-cycle cost savings as you enjoy your space over the years to come. We also have good standing relationships with several consultants, including Landscape Architects, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineers who work with us regularly and will provide you with a proposal for their services should your project require them.

Open communication is the best start to any design project. The information and approach that you, the Client, bring to the table is the first important step in giving shape to your project. The better understanding that we have of you and your needs, the better equipped we are to provide effective solutions to the project/undertaking/scope of project. The following is a sequential list of events that may take place as a design progresses (each project has unique circumstances; this list reflects the typical course of action):

  • Initial Meeting & Proposal Preparation:
    We meet to discuss the possibilities and allow us, to take in enough information to provide you with a detailed service and fee proposal.
  • Survey Existing Conditions:
    An analysis and accurate measuring of all existing parameters must be compiled in order to create a basis for design to begin. This also includes a zoning and by-law analysis to determine what’s legally possible in your jurisdiction.
  • Programming (during this initial phase):
    We work closely with you to develop all the spatial requirements and design needs for the end users of the building so that we may design for the most comfortable and efficient functioning of the completed project.
  • Schematic Design and development:
    This phase involves a series of sketching, presenting ideas to you and incorporating feedback from you into a set of design intent drawings which will act as the basis for the construction drawings.